Frequently asked questions

Stand By Me is the end user portal by Daikin that allows you to find all the necessary information about your purchased unit and manage all the warranty-related issues in one place. It also gives you information about who your current service partner is, so in case you have a question, or a problem with your unit, you can easily ask for support. All you need to do is to register your unit on the Stand By Me website.

In order to be able to provide you quick and high quality support, it is necessary that you provide us some information about your unit and your contact details. After we have this data, we can act with much faster reaction times, in case the installer has to go on site or we need to order spare parts for your unit.

A Daikin service partner is an installer who has a strong knowledge in Daikin products, their functions and has high expertise in installing and servicing Daikin climate control systems. When registering your unit on Stand By Me, the installer of your unit automatically becomes your service partner. This assigned service partner will be responsible for the execution of all maintenances and repairs to your unit in the future. Being linked to a specific service partner ensures you always know who to contact when something happens to your unit.

The partner who installed your unit can follow its history from the beginning. He already knows the installation, actual condition, the repairs and maintenance history of your unit, therefore he can provide you with personalised advices and a much smoother coordination, as you know each other from the beginning. Moreover, as he was and will be the one to provide support to you and your unit, it is in his interest to guarantee a high quality and professional work all the time.